Coeur d’Alene Kid’s Club



In addition to incredible programs, people, and club experience, we are proud to offer our PEAK Kid’s Club to our valued members. Gone are the days of skipping your work out because of the lack of someone to care for your child while you exercise. Take some well deserved “me time” while we entertain your children with our wide selection of toys, play areas, arts, and crafts. Your kids will get a chance to meet new friends and have a great time playing!

PEAK Kid’s Club also offers a designated napping room for your little one.Our napping room is cozy and warm, allowing your little one is a chance to snuggle down for a little rest so you can get your workout in even during nap times.

PEAK Kid’s Club maintains a very strict cleanliness policy with our toys and play areas. Toys are cleaned and disinfected daily to reduce any chance of childhood illnesses.

PEAK Kid’s Club welcomes children ages 2 weeks through eight years old. Please come see us with any questions and to meet our amazing staff. We can’t wait to meet your family.

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Peak CDA Kids Club Hours

Day of the week: Kid’s Club Hours
Monday to Thursday 9:00am – 8:00pm





NO need to call ahead. If you need the service, we are here for you, so come anytime!
Time Limit is 2 hours!! (Infants under 12 months have a 1 hour time limit)
We have 2 easy and affordable ways to take advantage!

$30/month for first child
$10/month for each additional child

2. Daily Drop Off rate
$4/child per 2 hours for Members
$6/child per 2 hours for Non-Members

For further information contact Peak Kid’s Club at 208-667-2582 Peak members only please.