Steve Clark, PhD – Director of Tennis – High Performance Junior/Adult Competition 949.375.8565

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Steve Clark is bringing an extensive coaching and playing background to Peak.  He has coached collegiately for over 30 years most of it at the elite Division 1 level where he coached teams as high as 16th nationally, and players as high as 5 in the NCAA & 3 on the ATP doubles tour. Read More >

Brian Verwolf – Head Tennis Professional 208.964.8523

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Brian has over 18 years of coaching experience, serving the tennis industry and the community in the Pacific Northwest in the Seattle area. He and his family are very excited to be a part of the Coeur d’Alene community and look forward to serving all of you. Read More >

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For information about tennis leagues or to join a league, please contact Sandee French, League Liaison at


Tennis is one of the greatest sports in the world and so many life lessons can be learned from training and playing the game. We want everyone to enjoy the game while learning life skills and working with others. Many of the principles upon which the program is based can be found on the website such as the F.O.C.U.S. principle, deliberate practice, transformational coaching (as opposed to transactional) etc. Parents and players alike are invited to join thousands of others around the world to listen to Steve’s podcasts (The Coach Steve Clark PhD Show) with elite world class players, coaches, nutritionists and more.

For details regarding Junior’s classes, please see the informational pdf attached here. Download the pdf Junior’s registration form here >> April 2021 Junior Reg Form


By invitation. Please contact Director Steve Clark or Brian Verwolf.  These players play USTA tournaments, have rankings, are high on their high school ladders, can sustain complex patterns and point construction, and commit to a minimum of 4 days a week of training in clinics, competition nights, and training on their own. More advanced principles on the technical, footwork, strategic, shot selection, mental aspects of the game are worked on. Each player is required to have a jump rope and fitness bands for footwork and speed work.


By invitation. Please contact Director Steve Clark or Brian Verwolf. These players can rally, sustain more complex drills and self-start.  They play USTA tournaments or HS tennis and are willing to put in more time on court in training and participate in Comp nights. Each player is required to have a jump rope and fitness bands for footwork and speed work.  Fundamentals in technical, tactical (singles and doubles), mental and other areas of the game are taught. 


(Jr/HS players able to rally with various shots) Please contact Director Steve Clark or Brian Verwolf. For older players (or younger ones with skill sets that can compete with this level) wanting to play or are currently playing high school tennis at some level where skills range from beginner to intermediate.  A level higher than Future stars.  Technical work as well as learning fundamentals for singles and doubles are taught.


(10 under beginner to intermediate) Please contact Brian Verwolf. Players continue development of basics on the various basic strokes: serves, volley, overheads, groundstrokes, etc.  Scoring, point play and other aspects of the game are covered as well.  Transition from dot balls to standard is a goal. Most are 10 and under but this is not age based but skill level based. Technical work as well as learning fundamentals for singles and doubles are taught.


(7 years old and under). Please contact Brian Verwolf. Players are introduced to the fundamentals of tennis through fun activities using red dot balls. We do address footwork, technical basics including continental grip while using serves, the volley etc. We adhere to the view that young players can do more than many give them credit for and they like to have higher expectations along with encouragement. We want proper technique to being at the earliest stages and in every class, every level we want them to walk away with something learned and good experience. Forehands, Backhands, serves, volley, overheads and forms of rallies are instructed.

*Eligibility – The junior program is open to all boys and girls, ages 4 to 18. Juniors from the general public are welcome to participate at non-member rates.



PEAK offers private, semi-private and group instruction by both, PTR Professional 1 and USPTA certified teaching professionals. The lessons can be set up at a time convenient for both students and the pro. Contact the Tennis Director, Steve Clark, today to inquire about how you can take your tennis game to the next level. 949.375.8565

Lesson Description Tennis Member Club Member Non-Member
Steve Clark, PhD Director of Tennis, PTR1      
1 hour private lesson $80 $90 $95
1.5 hour private lesson $120 $135 $142.50
(2) semi private 1 hour $40 $45 $48
(3) small group 1 hour $26 $30 $32
4 or more 1 hour $20 $22.50 $24
10 pack 1 hour $760 $865 $900
Brian Verwolf, USPTA      
1 hour private lesson $60 $70 $75
1.5 hour private lesson $90 $105 $115
(2) semi private 1 hour $30 $35 $40
(3) small group 1 hour $20 $25 $30
Group (4 or more) $15 $20 $25
10 pack of 1 hour $560 $665 $710